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The Odyssey of the Immortal


About the Author

M. David Hoyle, born in the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina, is a descendant of a 15-year-old Revolutionary War soldier hero. From a young age, Hoyle was driven to succeed in business. He started his first business by age twelve, his first partnership by age eighteen, and his first corporation by age nineteen. All of these companies were sold or ended profitability. He attended college at Western Carolina University, majoring in Business Management. In 2014, David sold everything and relocated to Europe, where he traveled from country to country, discovering the common folklore of each region and incorporating it into his writing of Fantasy Novels. He is now ready to share his literary works.

Just a Speck of Dust

In the heart-wrenching yet sometimes comical novel "Just a Speck of Dust," readers are led on a journey of courage, hope, and love by the intrepid Harvey Humdinger. Amidst a world of beauty, fear, and the delicate balance between life and death, Harvey's tale is one of both thrills and heartache.

Harvey has long been pursued by the Grim Reaper, who seeks to claim his life. As he awaits the results of three crucial medical tests, Death taunts him, urging him to succumb. But Harvey refuses to give up, even when the third test comes back negative.

Setting off on a trip to Europe, Harvey is determined to make the most of every moment of his life. But the Grim Reaper has other plans, dispatching a mischievous Púca to delay and ultimately claim Harvey's life.

Throughout his travels in Eastern Europe, Harvey faces numerous challenges and near-death experiences, always with Death lurking just behind. He falls in love with a beautiful Russian woman named Lena, but their relationship is cut short due to a misunderstanding orchestrated by the Grim Reaper.

Despite being poisoned, committed to a mental institution, arrested, and ultimately lost in the Accursed Mountains of Albania, Harvey never loses hope. He refuses to surrender to despair, even when all seems lost.

As Harvey and Lena's journey reaches its climax, they face the ultimate test against the Grim Reaper, who seeks to claim Lena's life. But Harvey will not be defeated, and with the aid of Lena's wise Slavic grandmother and the mischievous Púca, he embarks on a mission to save the woman he loves.

"Just a Speck of Dust" is a poignant and emotional tale of one man's unwavering determination to live life to the fullest and never abandon hope. It reminds us all of the importance of treasuring each moment and cherishing the boundless power of love. So journey alongside Harvey and experience the beauty, fragility, and depth of life and love.

Read an Excerpt

Chapter 2

Harvey knew he had dodged fate twice, but a third time was too much to hope for. He drew a deep breath and faced the inevitable doom that destiny had prepared for him.


A long silence… No answer. "Hello?" Harvey repeated.

"Oh! I was about to give up. I thought there was no one there. Is this Mr. Harvey Humdinger?"

"Yes, speaking," Harvey said.

"I have your lab results. They are…" Harvey savored every word, every pause, every breath. He murmured his assent like a prayer.

"Yes. Yes. All right. All right. Yes. Thank you. I see, thank you."

He cradled the phone to his ear until the line went dead. Then he set it down gently and poured himself a steaming cup of coffee.He arranged the toast on a delicate plate as if he were hosting a tea party for royalty.

"…And?" A voice rasped from behind him.

Harvey turned and faced Death with a grin. "What? Are you dying to know? Ha! See what I did there? Dying? Death? Oh, come on, that's funny!"He chuckled and shook his head.

"No sense of humor at all! You're such a stiff! And I thought that would kill you!"

Harvey burst into laughter then, loud and wild and free. He couldn't contain the joy that bubbled up inside him. All the tests had been negative.He would be alive for the foreseeable future!

"And that's just one of my many tales, my friend. And you know what? You'll have the pleasure of hearing them all for a good while longer!"Harvey announced, his laughter ringing in the air.

"Grrrrrrr!" Death snarled and rose to his feet, his black cloak billowing around him. He clenched his fists in frustration, as he realized that Harvey had slipped through his grasp once more.

"So today, I am going to call the people who care the most that I am alive." Harvey said, his eyes sparkling with mischief.

"And who might they be? You have no companions and your kin have long forsaken you." Death said, his voice cold and bitter.

"My credit card companies," Harvey answered with a grin.

Death looked puzzled. "Why them? Why do you think they care for you?"

"Just skip a few payments and see what happens!" Harvey explained, "We will celebrate together because I plan to call them and ask for a credit increase and travel!

You wanted to know what I would do if I received good news? Well, here's my reply. Travel, and if your efforts prove successful, well, okay." He took a sip of coffee, and took his time with a bite of toast.

"At least I will die in an exotic place. Maybe it's time I started being adventurous before the day you succeed.I accept the fact that one day you will win. But who actually wins if when that day comes, I go with a smile on my face and memories you can never erase?"

Harvey asked, smiling as he turned a new page in his life.

Read More... Excerpted from Just a Speck of Dust by MD Hoyle.

All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.



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